Community was created as a resource to foster and help grow the software developer community here in Syracuse, NY.

You can join the community by:

Am I eligible to join?

Yeah! We are excited to have as many members or the Syracuse community participate (whether you currently live nearby or not). There are no hard rules on who is able to join.

Are there rules?

I'm glad you asked. Please be a positive member of the community and follow our code of conduct

Aside: What is Slack?

Slack is a chat application that simplifies communication between teams and, in our case, communities of like-minded folks.

Slack chat spaces are divided into rooms called “channels”, and we have several set up. When you join, you'll be automatically added to:

  • #general: General chat & discussion
  • #intros: Don't be shy, say hello! What do you work on?

You'll also find rooms for specific languages or topics. Check out what's happening in #javascript, #blockchain, and #vim

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