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Historic photo of Clinton Square in Downtown Syracuse

Welcome to, home to Syracuse's diverse and growing developer scene.

This is your one stop for information on local meet ups, lists of local data resources, an active slack community, and more to come.

Whether you are new to the area or a seasoned veteran, please check out tech meetups and hang out with our local slack group.

Upcoming developer events

(in 13 days)

OpenHack: Code together, on anything.

OpenHack is a casual social coding meetup with a simple purpose: Code together, on anything.

(in 17 days)

Women in Coding - Accessible Web Development Class

This month Annalena Davis will be teaching a class on Developing Accessible Websites. Learn about building sites that are accessible to a larger variety of users. Topics will include:
• Different ways people navigate websites
• Tools to improve accessibility (skip links, Semantic HTML, color contrast, keyboard focus, etc)
• What to consider when adding JavaScript functionality
• How to test your site for accessibility

(in 20 days)

Syracuse JavaScript Meetup | Topic: TBD

We are a group dedicated to discussing and working with the JavaScript programming language.